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   Thailand's Premium Charcoal Supplier

We are a Charcoal manufacturer based in Thailand, supplying our high quality Charcoal products internationally and locally. Many professionals, restaurants and hotels are using our quality Charcoal products. Our natural Charcoal products are also ideal for and being used in many Japanese and Korean BBQ restaurant.

We manufacture, supply and export these quality Charcoal products:
We are able to supply high quality Charcoal products with your requirements consistently and reliably.

Loading Charcoal on Pallets Charcoal 5kg Loading Charcoal 20kg box Loading Charcoal 20kg bag Loading Charcoal 10kg box Charcoal color box
Thailand Charcoal Factory COCONUT CHARCOAL EUROPE Shisha Charcoal Coconut Shells For Charcoal Cube Charcoal Hookah KOKOS BRIKETTEN Charcoal Briquette for BBQ Loading Charcoal Bags